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Profivex® Clinical Strength Probiotic Supplement for Dogs & Cats 

Profivex® is a premium probiotic supplement that is different than any other probiotic on the market. That's because Profivex® contains FIVE of the most beneficial strains of probiotics for your pet and FIVE billion CFUs per serving! Our veterinarian recommended clinical strength formula has extremely high potency and viability. Profivex is also formulated with TWO prebiotics including FOS & Sweet Potato, which adds a beneficial amount of fiber and nutrients to your pet's diet everyday. With all of these benefits and more your pet will be giving you a high five for Profivex!™

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FIVE strains & FIVE billion cfu's per serving, plus all-natural high quality ingredients & made in the USA

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Profivex® Key Features

•  Veterinarian formulated  and recommended for a healthy digestive tract in dogs & cats

•  Contains 5 strains & 5 billions CFUs per serving

  Sweet potato for added fiber
and nutrients + FOS

•  Helps prevent diarrhea, gas,
intestinal upset, and other common digestive problems

•  Great tasting, real pork liver flavor

  All-natural ingredients

•  Made in the USA

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veterinarian recommended

Supports a healthy digestive tract & immune system

Profivex Works!

96% of pet parents say that Profivex is effective in improving their pet's digestive health

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Thoroughly Impressed

"I have tried other probiotics in the past and was not able to continue using them due to causing GI upsets especially gas in my sensitive GI tract dogs. I have been using Profivex for one month now and I am thoroughly impressed and happy with the formulation. I am a believer in daily probiotics and now have found one that will not upset my Dobermans gastrointestinal systems."

Melanie S. Walker, DVM

A Miracle Product

"This stuff is a miracle product!  Our dog Ghost has IBS and scratching with biting problem he has fully improved. I've tried various products, including a Purina probiotic, with little success, as well as completely changing his diet. In comes Profivex it has been a lifesaver. Significantly reduces gas from our dog. If you're looking to changing your pet's diet in any way, I'd recommend this for sure!"


My Dog Loved It!

"I have a dog that's my world but hes 7 and getting older so products like Profivex is great for keeping a healthy digestive tract for my dog ! Sometimes in the past we had a very sensitive stomach and would not be able to handle most different pet foods but now that i give him this it makes me feel so much better that my dogs going to live a healthy long life"


Profivex Probiotic - A Better Probiotic

"I had been using Forti Flora... I asked my vet to to compare it to Profivex, and she prefers Profivex because it contains more strains. I'm pleased that its packaging is much more ecofriendly."


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Digestive support to keep your pet feeling their best!

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