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Probiotic supplement for Pets

Five strains & five billion cfu's per scoop!

About Profivex®

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digestive support to keep your pet feeling their best

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veterinarian recommended

Supports a healthy digestive tract & immune system

Profivex Works!

Both the pups and I are enjoying Profivex! They are having a lot fewer stomach troubles and gas and I am not having to clean up messes and “freshen” the air! Hallelujah! Most importantly, the pups seem to feel better and are more active now that their gut is functioning smoothly!

Miss Molly Pet Blogger

Beans’ digestive struggles have always been only occasional, but she hasn’t had any problems since starting Profivex. That seems like a good sign to me! The serving size is pretty small, so the container will last us quite a while even with two dogs.

Emily Evert

Because your pet deserves the best

All-natural high quality ingredients & made in uSa


Get a High FIve!

Profivex® is different than any other probiotic on the market.  That's because Profivex® contains FIVE of the most beneficial strains of probiotics for your pet and FIVE billion CFUs per scoop! Our veterinarian recommended clinical strength formula has extremely high potency and viability. With all of these benefits and more your pet will be giving you a high five for Profivex!™

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