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Digestive Health in Dogs

Digestive Health in Dogs

March 01, 2018

Keeping your dog's digestive health in check is vital to enhance your dog's quality of life. Thus, it's key to be aware of the variety of digestive issues and common reasons they occur. Learn about some common digestive issues in dogs, what causes them, and how you can fix or manage them:

Digestive health in dogs

Common Causes of Digestive Problems in Dogs

There are several reasons your dog may experience digestive problems. Viruses are one common cause of digestive problems in dogs. For instance, a dog can contract the canine parvovirus by coming in contact with the feces of an infected dog. This highly contagious virus severely affects a dog's intestines and can also damage them. Other common causes of canine digestive issues include worms and parasites, E. coli and other bacteria, inflammation of the dietary gland, and eating toxic items or indigestible objects, such as table scraps, small toys, chocolate or trash.

Common Digestive Issues in Dogs

Digestive problems are quite common in dogs, and the prevalence of these issues can have severe or long-term adverse effects on your dog's health. Here are some common digestive problems in dogs:

  • Hemorrhagic gastritis (HGE). This disorder causes gastrointestinal bleeding and is characterized by blood in the feces or vomit. There are multiple causes of HGE in dogs, including fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses, and even medication. Miniature or toy breed dogs, such as miniature pinschers or Yorkshire terriers tend to be prone to hemorrhagic gastritis.
  • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Inflammatory bowel disease, or IBD, is an inflammation of the intestine. It occurs when a high amount of inflammatory cells lodge in the intestine and cause chronic diarrhea and vomiting in dogs.
  • This disorder is characterized by an inflamed pancreas. It is also caused by obesity, a diet high in fat and dietary indiscretion. Some signs of this disease include chronic vomiting, dehydration and a hunched back.

How to Fix Your Dog's Digestive Issues

Restoring your dog's digestive health calls for being able to recognize the signs of a digestive problem and taking your dog to a veterinarian for accurate diagnosis and treatment. However, many of the digestive problems can also be linked to your dog's diet or a lack of a nutrient. For example, enzymes play a central role in promoting digestive health for dogs. That's because enzymes carry out a variety of functions that are beneficial to the digestive tract, including reducing inflammation, regulating hormones and removing waste. A lack of enzymes can explain some digestive issues. Providing your dog with a balanced diet can help improve these conditions. Also, consider providing your dog with a probiotic supplement, such as Profivex, as a preventative measure to help enhance digestive health.

Final Thoughts

Healthy dogs require a healthy digestive system, and to achieve this, you have to take preventative measures that help to promote a healthy diet and enhance general wellness. These practices include feeding your dog healthy foods and using canine probiotics such as Profivex to help replenish enzymes and improve your dog's digestive health. In addition, you need to learn to recognize the signs and understand the causes of digestive problems in dogs. When your dog exhibits excessive diarrhea and vomit, or other severe symptoms, take your dog to a vet. By following these tips, you can help improve your dog's quality of life.

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