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Profivex® FAQs

Here are answers to our most commonly asked Profivex® questions!

What type of pet is Profivex® recommended for?
Profivex is a perfect choice for all pets and is designed for both dogs and cats.  Any size, age, and breed of dog and cats can use and benefit from any of our Profivex products.  Profivex works as a great overall digestive supplement to help support a healthy digestive tract.

How does Profivex® work?
Profivex® works from the inside out to support a healthy digestive tract, immune system, and normal bowel movements.  Containing FIVE key probiotic strains, Profivex helps to support a healthy digestive microflora by adding beneficial (good) bacteria to your pets digestive tract.  Profivex also contains two prebiotics including FOS and sweet potato which add nutrients to help probiotics flourish in the gut.  The sweet potato also adds a beneficial amount of fiber to keep your pet regular everyday and support healthy bowel movements.

Do I need a prescription for Profivex®?
No, Profivex® is over the counter and does not require a presciption from your veterinarian.

Are there any side effects with using Profivex® and is it safe?
There are no side effects with using Profivex and it is extremely safe.  Profivex is made with only all-natural high quality ingredients and does not cause any side effects.

What are the benefits of using Profivex® for my pet?
Probiotics have many benefits that include prevention of common GI related issues such as diarrhea, gas, bloating, frequent bowel movements, constipation, etc.  Probiotics are also known to help boost the immune system and as the digestive tract plays a vital role in immune health.  The combination of probiotics and fiber in Profivex supports a healthy digestive tract and is veterinarian recommended.

How do I give my pet Profivex®?
Profivex comes as an easy to use powder that you sprinkle onto the food.  Simply follow the label instructions to add either 1 or 2 scoops (scoop included) onto your pet's food once daily.  Because Profivex is made with real all-natural pork liver, your pet will absolutely love the taste!  In fact, almost all pets eat their food better with Profivex mixed in than without which is as added bonus!

How long should I give my pet Profivex® for?
Profivex is recommended to be given regularly for maximum benefits.  Because your pet's digestive microflora is constantly changing it is recommended to give Profivex on an ongoing basis and is very safe for long term use.  Pets sometimes eat things they shouldn't and Profivex can be helpful to keep their digestive system in its optimal health.

Do I need to refrigerate Profivex®?
It is definitely recommended (but not required) to refrigerate Profivex after opening to maintain maximum freshness and potency.


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