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"I only had my pugs a couple of weeks when I realized they had a sensitive digestive system. My pug Beans in particular, is very prone to an upset stomach... but she hasn’t had any problems since starting Profivex. That seems like a good sign to me! The serving size is pretty small, so the container will last us quite a while even with two dogs." Emily Reviews


"Both the pups and I are enjoying Profivex! They are having a lot fewer stomach troubles and gas and I am not having to clean up messes and “freshen” the air! Hallelujah! Most importantly, the pups seem to feel better and are more active now that their gut is functioning smoothly!" Miss Molly Says

"Having used the Profivex probiotic powder for about 6 weeks, I can give a positive anecdotal report. Since I’ve been using it, Pug has had 70% fewer poop accidents. And while the probiotic obviously can’t help the underlying neurological issues, I feel that having the healthiest digestive tract possible certainly helps. And, scientific evidence has shown probiotics can help with stress-induced diarrhea. Very helpful for a pug who sometimes has what I refer to as 'angry poops'." This Pug Life

"There are SO many supplements out there and it can get overwhelming. Does my dog even need any? Well, if your dog has recurrent or occasional intestinal issues they could definitely benefit from probiotics. Probi-what? We are going to go break it all down for you and introduce you to a great supplement that has worked for us, Profivex®!

Vetnique Labs® is the company behind Profivex®. We have actually reviewed their other products,Glandex®, as well as Furbliss™. They strive to make high-quality, U.S.A. made products and we have been really impressed with each one we review. -The Chesnut Mutts

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